2nd Step Unit I      AUGUST




Community Helper:  Teacher, Bus Driver

Week of 8/1-31 – 9/2    When the school bell rings-

Tie in safety/strangers and friendship with orientation the entire month.

Letter Recognition:  Introduce the “ABC” Song and
                                   Letter “A”

Number Recognition:  1

Color:  Blue   Shape:  Circle

Emotion:  Scared

Literacy:   First day of school books

Special Event:  School Rules and Routines

2nd Step Lessons: 1 & 2

  1 – Establishing rules for Classroom Management

  2 – Feelings

*Review established rules daily

Family:  Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother

Week of 9/5-9      All about me & family

                12-16   Doctor’s Visit

                19-23   Body parts – eyes, ears, nose,      
                             mouth, hands

              26-30      Five Senses

Letter Recognition:   A, Introduce B, Sing a “B” Song

Number Recognition:  1, Introduce 2

Color: Red   Shape:   Circle, Introduce Square

Emotion:  Sad   Literacy:  Books about emotions

Special Events:  Grandparents and Family Day

                            Reinforce School Rules and Routines

2nd Step Lessons:  3 & 4

  3 – More feeling, 4 – We feel feeling in our bodies

*Tie in family

Physical Me:  Implement Activities

Week of   10/3-7  Fall

                  10-14  Fall

                  17-21  Circus/Fair

                  24-28  Outer Space (First 2 weeks, tie in trees, leaves, fall clothing, nature walk, measuring & graphing)

Letter Recognition:  ABC Song – A, B, Introduce C

Number Recognition:  1, 2, Introduce 3

Color:  Orange   Shape:  Circle, Square, Introduce Triangle

Emotion:  Excited

Literacy:  Books about exercising and play different
                 games using the different themes

Special Events:  Fire Prevention – stop, drop, roll

2nd Step Lessons:  5 & 6

  5 – Feeling Change, 6 – Same or Different

Fall Autumn:  Trees, Leaves

Week of 10/31 – 11/4   Community/Careers

                  7-11   Community/Careers

              14-18  Dinosaurs

              21-25  Thanksgiving

      11/29-12/2  Winter

Letter Recognition:  ABC Song – A, B, C, Introduce D

Number Recognition:  1, 2, 3, Introduce 4

Color:  Brown

Emotion:  Happy

Shape:  Circle, Square, Triangle, Introduce rectangle

Literacy:  Books on the seasons

Special Events:  Thanksgiving

2nd Step Lessons:  7, 8, 9

  7 – Accidents,  8 – I Care,  9 – I Help

2nd Step Unit II     DECEMBER




Seasons – Winter

Week of 9/5-9  Cultures of the World

              12-16  Creative Art   

              19-23  Christmas & Christmas Traditions

Letter Recognition:  Review A-D, Introduce E

Number Recognition:  Review 1-4, Introduce 5

Color:  Green

Shape:  Circle, Square, Triangle, Rectangle, Introduce Diamond

Emotion:  Surprised

Literacy:  Books About Christmas

Special Events:  Christmas

2nd Step Lesson:  1

  1 – Strong Feelings


Friendships:  Sharing, Taking Turns

Week of 1/3-6  Things We Read

                9-13  Nursery Rhymes

              16-20  Fairy Tales and Folk Tales

          1/23-2/3  Communications

Letter Recognition:  Review A-E, Introduce F

Number Recognition:  Review 1-5, Introduce 6

Color:  Black

Shape:  Circle, Square, Triangle, Rectangle, Diamond

Feeling:  Sharing and Taking Turns

Literacy:  Books about friendship, sharing, taking  turns

2nd Step Lessons:  2 & 3

  2 – Calming Down, Strong Feelings

  3 – More Ways to Manage Strong Feelings

Black History Month – Martin Luther King Jr.

Week of 2/6 - 3/2    American Black History – 1.                       
                                 Food, 2. Clothing, 3. Music, 4.

Letter Recognition:  Review A-F, Introduce G

Number Recognition:  Review 1-6, Introduce 7

Color:  Pink   Emotion:  Unhappy

Shape:  Circle, Square, Triangle, Rectangle, Diamond,      
                  Introduce Oval

Literacy:  Books about Famous Black Americans

2nd Step Lessons:  4 & 5

  4 – Dealing with waiting

  5 – Dealing with not getting what you want

Food and Nutrition

Week of  3/5-9   On the Farm – Include Garden &  
                           Garden Tools

               12-16   Food and Nutrition  
               19-23   Health and Safety

               26-30   Spring

Letter Recognition:  Review A-G, Introduce H

Number Recognition:  1-7, Introduce 8

Color:  Purple   Shape:  Review all shapes

Feeling:  Angry

Literacy:  Books about Food and Nutrition

2nd Step Lessons:  6 & 7

  6 – Am I Angry,  7 – Dealing with Being Hurt

Second Step Unit III    APRIL




Spring – Flowers, Insects

Week of 4/2-6   Spring Break

                9-13   Insects and Spiders

               16-20  Numbers & Counting

               23-27  Transportation

Letter Recognition:  A-H, Introduce I

Number Recognition:  Review 1-8, Introduce 9

Color:  Yellow   Shape:  Review All Shapes

Emotions:  Review All Emotions, Feelings

Literacy:  Books on Flowers, Insects

2nd Step Lessons: 1, 2, 3

  1 – Dealing with losing something

  2 – Dealing with distractions

  3 – Interrupting politely

Summer Activities

Week of 4/30-5/4   Growing Things

                7-11   Sea Life

              14-18   Earth & Environment

              21-25   Sports Fun/Review

     28-31 – 6/1   Review

Letter Recognition:  A-I, Introduce J

Number Recognition:  Review All Numbers

Color:  Review All Colors Shape:  Review All Shapes

Emotions:  Review All Emotions and Feelings

Literacy:  Rainbow Fish Bok

2nd Step Lessons:  4, 5, 6

  4 – Fair ways to play

  5 – Dealing with having things taken away

  6 – Dealing with name calling

Community Helper:  Lifeguard, Summer Activities

Field Trips Weekly

Week of    4-8      Sun Safety

              11-15      Sun Safety

              18-22      Water Safety

Letter Recognition:  Review Letters

Number Recognition:  Review Numbers

Color:  Multicolor   Shape:  Review Shapes

Emotion:  Continue Review

Literacy:   First day of school books

Special Event:  Father’s Day, Flag Day


2nd Step Lessons: 7 & 8

  7 – Learning to have fun with our friends

  8 – Joining in

This is a guide; however, if children are ready to explore other areas, go for it!  HAPPY LEARNING!

Refer to Website Resource Guide for extra ideas and activities.  Introduce one nursery rhyme per week.